Helping Companies

We specialize in helping companies maximize their benefits investment without sacrificing quality because benefits management without passion, innovation and accountability is just buying insurance. These are principles that we are firmly founded in and embrace wholeheartedly. Our entire company is passionate about what we do and about making a positive impact on and for your company and employees. We provide strategic, transparent and objective insight that will align with your company’s goals and be consistent with its core values. We are not owned by or affiliated with an insurance company, therefore we are not interested in their profits, however; we are very interested in raising yours! We ask the right questions to understand your specific needs. We bring an advanced forward-looking approach that our clients find informative and eye opening, yet easy to implement and maintain.


Proactive Approach

We create trends in the market, rather than follow them! Our Proactive vs. Reactive approach combines our exceptional understanding of insurance plans, employee behavior and Federal Regulations with the ingenuity and expertise to design a best-in class benefits plan that you can be proud to offer your employees. A plan that can, reduce and eliminate wasted premium dollars on plan features specifically designed by insurance companies to increase premiums and employee out of pocket costs. A plan that when combined with innovative resources can influence your employees behavior, divert claims spend, contain and reduce overall costs for the company and its employees alike. A plan that is sustainable, not just for the present but for the years to come. By strategically planning for the future, we dramatically flatten out the high inflation curve that is paralyzing company’s growth. Our plan designs are also scale-able so as your company grows and evolves, so can your benefits plan.


Peace of mind

We utilize best-in-market technology platforms that provide your employees with open enrollment videos that have demonstrated to dramatically increase the employee’s understanding of the benefits offered, but also provide peace of mind that they know how their benefits will go to work for them when needed. They are also provided with the convenience of keeping up with things such as insurance cards, networks, deductibles, out of pocket costs and much more right from their smartphone.

Our commitment to you…

  • To be your advisor with regards to your benefit plans.
  • To serve as your advocate with regards to insurance companies involving claims, coverage, premiums, renewals, services and regulations.
  • To provide you with valuable information and a level of service that goes beyond your expectations, and far exceeds the “norm” today.
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