Ever wonder about your company’s compliance?

Today’s fast-paced business landscape has never been more challenging. Are you concerned about attracting and retaining top talent? How confident are you that a surprise visit from the Department of Labor wouldn’t prove costly? Staying informed, much less compliant with ever-changing employment laws have raised the risk substantially and increased probability of adverse findings if presented with an audit. Strategic Benefits HR can deploy one of our compliance experts to put you through a mock audit. We can provide a clear picture of where you are at by identifying the non-compliant issues, uncovering areas that need improvement and providing leadership with an understanding of how to address these findings:

Gaps in regulatory compliance

Employers are becoming increasingly frustrated in regards to keeping up with frequently changing employment law. It can be extremely overwhelming—with costly consequences for those that fall out of compliance. Strategic Benefits HR compliance audits assess key policies related to important regulatory topics such as ACA, FLSA, EEO, FMLA, and Wage & Hour to ensure that your organization is compliant with the most recent federal, state, and local employment laws.

Risk Reduction, Growth and Improvement

Strategic Benefits HR audits provide valuable information about vulnerabilities, out-of-date policies, and inefficient practices. We are not just interested in risk and compliance, but also in efficiency, productivity and profitability. It is expected for our findings to have a strong focus on HR but it is not unusual to be equally focused on areas where we see an excellent opportunity to increase organizational value.


Strategic Benefits HR doesn’t stop at uncovering opportunities for growth and risk reduction. We provide solutions that address all of our findings. We provide clear and concise plan to set your organization on a direct path to excellence and profitability.

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